“Jag lovar” – Out now

We are happy to announce that our debut single is released: ”Jag lovar”!

Have you ever promised to return the favor after being invited to dinner with friends? Or promised you’ll be home early? Have you even promised not to tell anyone about the secret you just heard? “Jag lovar” reflects on all the things we promise others and ourselves, promises that end up being just empty words. It’s about the guilt we feel when we realize we’ve lied, which makes us promise ourselves never to promise anything again.

The single is accompanied by a music video featuring a couple of familiar faces. We had a really good time putting our acting skills to the test while recording it! Watch the video on youtube and don’t forget to give the song a listen and give it a ❤️ on Spotify or the streaming service of your choice.

Music & lyrics: Gabriel Sjöwall
Video: Linnéa Seldinger and Gabriel Sjöwall
Mix: Linnéa Seldinger
Mastering: Marcus Svärd