“Puls” – Debut Ep out now

Today is the release day of our debut EP Puls! Two years have passed since we started this project and finally we can share it with you. We are very proud to put the final result out into the world since we’ve put a lot of heart and hard work into this!

Puls portrays common thoughts, feelings and dilemmas that happen to show up in everyday life. Strong vocal performance and relatable lyrics guides the listener through four different themes, where the common thread is the pulse. In every little moment of life the pulse is with us, telling stories about stillness, regret, restlessness, courage and everything in between.

Give the songs included on Puls a listen and a ❤️ on Spotify or the streaming service of your choice. The EP will soon be available in limited CD edition as well . Contact AORA by email f you want to pre- order.