Elin Oskarsson soprano

Elin is currently studying a bachelor degree in classical singing at the Örebro Academy of Music. Prior to that she studied classical singing at the folk high school of Kävesta. Elin has always sung in at least one choir or ensemble and today she is also one of the sopranos in the Örebro located OPQ choir.


Fun fact:

Elin has the skill of spreading her toes and when her eyes catch the beauty of something in the nature, she gladly brings it home.

Linnéa Seldinger mezzo-soprano

Linnéa freelances as a musician and a music and media producer. Since 2019 she possesses a bachelor degree from the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm. Prior to her bachelor she studied different kinds of music programmes at several Swedish folk high schools. In addition to singing, Linnéa also plays the violin and piano and she loves to produce and play her own songs.


Fun fact:
Linnéa’s left ear is so soft that she can fold it up into itself.

Sofie Eiderfors alto

Sofie currently studies to be a teacher in mathematics and history at Uppsala University. Prior to that she attended the musical elementary classes of the Fryxellska School and a cappella singing at the folk highschool of Sjövik. Today Sofie is a member of the choir Allmänna Sången in Uppsala.


Fun fact:

Sofie has memorized the lyrics of almost all Disney songs, loves to dance lindy hop and doesn’t eat candy other than chocolate.

Gabriel Sjöwall tenor

Gabriel is currently studying cultural project management at Stockholm University. He has studied to be a studio musician at the School of Music in Piteå and studied singing at the folk high school of Billströmska and Musicians Institute, Los Angeles. His singing career has included being the lead of a cover band, a singer/guitar duo and a show group as well as having conducted a couple of pop choirs.

Fun fact: Gabriel has a habit of putting newly washed porcelain in the bottom of the pile so that all of his porcelain is used equally. He might also sometimes eat the tip of a burned out match because he thinks it tastes like liquorice.

Marcus Svärd baritone/vocal percussion

Marcus has studied folk music, a cappella and choir conducting at the folk high school of Sjövik and possesses a bachelor degree in piano tuning from the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm. Marcus has also been studying Music & Sound Design. Currently he is working as an Audio & Video technician at the Uppsala Municipality and as a piano technician with his own company.

Fun fact: Marcus refurnishes more often than what many would consider usual. He also cannot help but find the most unusual things interesting, such as archery and solving Rubik’s Cubes blindfolded.

Jonas Törnqvist bass

Jonas is currently studying a bachelor degree in classical singing at the Örebro Academy of Music. He has previously studied classical music at the music classes of Adolf Fredrik, Södra Latin’s high school and the folk high school of Birkagården. As a boy soprano he was a soloist and youth choir singer at the Stockholm Royal Opera. In addition to his studies, Jonas freelances as an ensemble singer and he is an active member of Zero8 and several barbershop quartets.

Fun fact: Jonas loves to eat slices of bread topped with raspberry jam and banana, and if you ever see him you can be sure he will be busy humming some kind of bass line.

+46 (0)70 835 34 30